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Random Doggage Video: Puppyman Sings for His Supper

Puppyman is six years old. His original name was Brisco (from Brisco County, Jr.) Puppyman is about as smart as a rock, however, and ‘Brisco’ never really stuck. Thus, Puppyman.

Puppyman does have one special talent. He can yodel.

He’ll yodel any time he’s really excited about something, but he is guaranteed to sing at dinner time. Our dogs eat in crates, and the serenade starts when the door closes, and doesn’t stop until food arrives.

Note that even though I am standing in front of the crate, he keeps looking out the side, waiting for me to appear down the hall with food. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, Puppyman.

(Sorry for the crappy image quality but I really just wanted the singing, and it kept the file smaller for upload. The wandering white light is my headlight.)


    1. I had to cut a bit off the end when Houdini went under my arm and joggled the iPod all over the place, and so I had to watch it over and over to make sure I cut all the wiggly part off. I ended up shutting the sound because dogs kept barking at virtual Puppyman.

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